London Marathon as a spectator

Well this year was a whole different story compared to last year, preparing as a spectator isn’t quite as hard core, although I did spend the evening before getting some food prepared and working out where we should go for cheerleading spots 😁  A spreadsheet was created with estimated times of arrival at each mile and plans as to where we should position ourselves.  We set the alarm bright and early and set off to park at Stratford and head towards mile 9 near Canada Water Station.  We got there early and watched the elites come through which was cool – their times are just insane!! After a few cross words with other supporters (some people are just muppets), we saw Tina and Jo both looking fresh and enjoying the run – they even came over for a hug and a hello.  We took a quick stroll to mile 11 where we saw them again, was great to be able to see them both looking so good and enjoying the run – gave me a buzz to see them so hoping they felt the same when they saw us.  Was a good job I had that clapper hey Gouldy πŸ˜‰ not sure they would have heard us otherwise.  We had enough time to then jump back on the tube and go to mile 18/19 after a loo and roll break.  By this time the app was working for me and we managed to see Ant on his way past, although he was very much in the zone and didn’t see or hear us.  Tina and Jo weren’t far behind and our final stop was at about mile 26 and although we managed to see all 3 runners again here they didn’t see us.  Was great to catch up at the meet and greet area for a post race hug and drink. Really was a great day and I enjoyed supporting at this amazing race! I loved seeing and cheering our buddies on and it gave me a boost just being there.  The number of runners at this event is crazy and to see many of them doing it for a charity or dressed in fancy dress is just amazing.  Really proud to have been there and watch Tina, Jo and all the other runners (Ant, Anne-Marie, Lorraine, Lee and Natasha to name a few) have such a great run.  Did it make me want to run it again? 😬 what do you think πŸ˜‰

Mile 9 – GO TINA!!! GO JO!!! GO TIPTREE!!!

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