5k Summer series

Last night was the first of the 5k summer series, I have taken part in these a couple of times and have always enjoyed them.  They are a great way to try and improve your 5k time and I am really hoping by the end of the series I will have a new PB for the board.  If you are interested in trying these out, the details can be found here.   It works on a handicap which means all runners set off at different times but should be crossing the finish line close together – always good for a sprint finish.  It is a 2 lap course at the Prom Park in Maldon, a different route to the parkrun and without the mass start there is more chance of a quicker time.  Although the aim is to get the first runners off at 7:30 this isn’t always possible with people arriving to register all at the same time, this should ease as the series goes on.  It meant the light was dimming as we started and was dark by the finish but it was a surprisingly warm evening and that first run towards Brithnoth was actually really pretty, the water was still and it was a lovely view across the river.  Although there was a little voice in my head wanting a PB, I don’t think this was very realistic, bearing in mind I completed a marathon less than 2 weeks ago, I think I should be happy with my finish time (24mins 22sec) and will aim to improve on this time throughout the series.  Looking back on my mile times I’ve done the classic of going out too quickly to then have to slow for mile 2 and then a slight improvement in mile 3.  It would be good if I could maintain this first mile pace for the whole 5k. If any of you are keen to improve on your 5k time and need a little push in the right direction I would definitely give these a go, it’s not too late to sign up to the remaining 4 runs or even just the ones you are able to get to.


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