I don’t know if I have mentioned it but I ran a marathon at the weekend (sorry guys). I’ve stopped wearing my medal to work now and have just been sticking to the t shirt 😂. No, seriously I am really pleased with how it went on Sunday and it has been great to be able to amend my PB board. I’ve had so many people show an interest and ask me how it went which is great because I’ve really enjoyed talking about it! Being able to still walk on Monday was huge for me and made me almost as happy as actually running it. Recovery has been a completely different story this time round. I did get in the sea once I’d finished, which worked like an ice bath, but really I should have gone in a lot further and I may have found my quads less stiff if I had done this. It probably would have been better if I had stretched soon after finishing, instead I left it a while before bathing and then stretching – those who didn’t stretch at all would have been making a huge mistake (Gouldy 🙄). Wearing my compression socks also seem to really help so I will continue with this moving forward. I ensured I got up the following morning to another hot bath and a round of stretching and have been doing a lot of stretching each day since. OK, the stairs were interesting for a couple of days but this has to be expected! I was advised to tackle the stairs backwards, not sure if this is genuine or if Ben was having a laugh with me… Luckily enough after my sports massage on Monday evening I felt huge improvements. I find these so beneficial and have no doubt about the fact that this has been a huge contribution to being able to walk quite comfortably by Tuesday. The weirdest thing I have found is the struggling to eat, I expected to be so hungry that I could’ve and would’ve eaten anything I could get my hands on but this has not been the case. Not only have I not been massively hungry (huge shock in itself 😳) but I have also had a really odd throat, it’s almost like I have forgotten how to swallow. This started to ease up by Tuesday afternoon when I managed a huge slice of chocolate cake and by Thursday I was ready to eat everything in sight, so I did. One thing I feel I do need to work on for longer runs is food on the go. Although I did force a flapjack in at mile 9 and 18 it was a struggle to get down, I’ll need to practise this for my next long distance challenge. All in all its been a good week and I still have a big smile on my face 😁.

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