Reduced mileage – check
Carb (over) loading –check
8 hours quality-sleep a night – working on
Keeping hydrated – working on
Overthinking – 100% nailed it

I think this pretty much sums up my tapering so far, with less than a week to go I would certainly say the nerves have started to kick in. I regularly have to remind myself that I am not just going away to sunny Brighton for a weekend and that I need to prepare myself for the challenge ahead.

Reduced mileage has just come naturally although I don’t think this has necessarily helped with the doubts that keep entering my head.

Carb (over)loading has never been an issue for me in fact this is pretty much my diet at any time of the year – with or without an event to train for (Mmmmm pasta 🤤).

Hmm sleep, well that’s another story all together, there’s just no way to make yourself sleep – if I go to bed early, I wake up early there’s no getting around it but I will make an effort to get some early nights in this week.

I am doing my best to ensure I drink enough squash as I am aware that I should be drinking more, but I don’t always think about it and I am often too full on carbs 😂.

Overthinking – I am the one for this job 👍🏼, you give me a subject and I can overthink it! I don’t feel prepared – have I done enough training? The weather might be hot – should I wear shorts? What about my vest, I’ve not trained in it without a long sleeve underneath? I need to eat sensibly, don’t want any tummy upsets – what should I have the few days before the race? I don’t like carrying my water belt – should I leave it behind? Are there going to be enough water stations at the time in which I need them? What if I get an injury? What if I fall over? Should I be thinking about what min miles I am aiming for?? OMG, its non-stop!! 🙄 I am trying my best to talk myself out of these panicked thoughts, but after discussing it with a few other runners, I think it’s a natural state of mind.

Although I am obviously getting nervous I am also very excited about the whole weekend, looking forward to going to collect my number and I am expecting the atmosphere around the event village to be great. Anyway, I had best continue laying out all my packing requirements so I can tick them off the spreadsheet……

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