Carb loading catastrophe

Ok, so maybe it’s not a catastrophe, perhaps I am overreacting and it’s more a mishap – a bump in the road. Whatever it is, it wasn’t a great start to the week, after doing so well without any shituations I’ve had a set-back. All I can put it down to is runner’s tummy and I am really not sure if there is any way to stop this from happening. I hadn’t eaten or done anything different to any other week, but whilst testing the heel out after the Orion I went to Club on Tuesday where we did a longer 7 (9 😬) mile run and it wasn’t the heel that was at the forefront of my mind. Not 💩ing myself was. I am relieved to say I did make it back to the sports centre in time, but it was a close call 😳. This did mean that for a couple of days I had problems refuelling etc. but by the time Thursday came around I was back on track and ready for some serious carb-loading. I think we can all agree this is the best part of preparing for a big run, although I do need to make sure I don’t overdo it as this is something I tend to do. I have my food plan prepared for the lead up so as long as I stick to this I hope it will all be fine, just adds to the list of things I am worried about for the big day! I’ve got to say I did expect to suffer a bit after the run on Tuesday, and yes I can feel there is a niggle there, but the following day was not as bad as I thought it would be. After running at club last night I decided it was best to get on my bike this morning (I need padded shorts 🙄) instead of running the 10 mile route I had prepared. It’s was nice to keep Jo and Chris entertained whilst they did their long run and I just about managed to get them round without getting lost 😏. We followed it up with some waffles (they had fruit on 👍🏼). I’m going to get myself to parkrun in the morning for a jog round but Sunday will be a rest day, I may even start to pack for next weekend 😎.

Post run/cycle, pre waffles 😋

Mmmmmmmm 🤤

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