Orion 15 – Did not finish πŸ˜’

If you like off road running with hills you would love the Orion 15, not an easy course but with the sun shining it was very enjoyable running through the forest. My ankle was taped before we started (thanks Tina), but after tripping πŸ™„ as we climbed through a ditch to get to the start it was in the forefront of my mind – not saying it hurt but I knew it was there. So I made the decision at mile 8 that I would cut off and have an early shower, this is where those running slower than a 10 min mile would be told to take the cut off, although they were able to continue the run the marshals would no longer be out. To be honest I could feel it more at walking pace than running but with most up hills walking was required and I didn’t want to risk anything with Brighton only 2 weeks away. I had originally run past the cut off not realising it was there and it was a tough decision to turn back and head in but I knew it was the right thing to do, sorry to desert you Gouldy, although it probably did you a favour as you picked up the pace and finished in a great time – well done πŸ‘πŸΌ. I have mixed feelings about my first did not finish, I’m pretty sure it’s better than a did not start as I still managed 8 miles and got to enjoy the company of the other runners whilst being out in the fresh air and sunshine. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed as such as I know I will now be able to run again in the week and had I continued that may not have been possible, but I do wish I could have completed it as it sounds like the second half of the course was just as enjoyable if not more so than the first – but hey, this just gives me a very good reason for having to come back to it next year. It was actually really nice to watch the rest of the runners from our club finish, although I did miss Zoe and Ant come in – sorry guys 😬. I must say supporting is a close second to actually running, it’s just so great to see people come across that finish line and everyone today looked strong and like they had enjoyed it. Other than the miss hap that had apparently taken place with many runners being sent slightly off course meaning they did not complete the full 15 miles 😐, the organisation was good – numbers collected without any issues and straight to the start line to begin the race on time. I will definitely be wanting to come back to this next year so I am able to do the whole thing. We had a great picnic in the car park waiting for us which was a good finish to the morning – rolls, crisps and some of Tina’s brownies (healthy eating going well πŸ˜‚) – mm mmmmmm! Must admit, I am really quite nervous about the marathon now – I am just off to order some more tape…..

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