Rachet’s rundown

At the beginning of the week I was feeling a bit low, so to keep myself positive I’ve been thinking about all the events I have planned for the year (and possible holidays). I find it exciting and worrying all at the same time!

– Orion15 (https://www.orionharriers.com/races/orion-15/) – This Saturday, I’m still hopeful to be able to do this but will make my final decision after a track run on Thursday. I know I love a bit of muddy off road running but need to look at the bigger picture and think of Brighton coming up.

– Brighton (http://www.brightonmarathonweekend.co.uk/) – well, only 2 weeks to go and although I am having worries and doubts I am also really excited for this. I’m praying that my niggle stays at just that and I can complete and enjoy the run 🀞🏼

I think it’s best to say that after Brighton I may need to take some rest and allow any niggles to heal but I will listen to my body and see how it goes, all going well I have the following events in the diary to look forward to:

– Alton Water 10k (http://www.altonwaterrun.co.uk/) – this looks like it will be quite a fun event and I am hoping to have a bit of support from my husband as although it’s not a spectator sport he could either complete this one himself, or it appears to have a few bits to keep him entertained whilst I run.

– Maldon 5k handicap summer series (https://www.tiptreeroadrunners.com/club-races/maldon-5k-summer-handicap-series-2015/) – This is a series of five 5k runs that take place on a Thursday evening starting in April through to July at the promenade park in Maldon. It’s a handicap race and the idea is to try and improve your time on each run. I have done a couple of these before and have always enjoyed them, it will be interesting to see if I can improve my 5k time.

– Essex Cross Country 10k Series (http://www.theraceorganiser.com/essex-cross-county-series.html) – Another series of 5 races, all 10k and on different off road routes, I’ve not done this one before but I am looking forward to giving them a go.

– Great Baddow 10miles (http://www.baddowraces.org.uk/) – I have registered myself and my husband (Dan) to do this one, we have previously been along to support family members so will be good to take part ourselves this year.

– Stort10 (http://www.bsrc.org.uk/events/stort10and5/) – This is a 2x 5 mile loop through Hatfield Forrest and I believe there are a few of us from the running club taking part which is great.

– Spitfire Scramble (http://www.hornchurchlife.co.uk/events-2/the-2017-spitfire-scramble-is-open-for-entries/) – I could not be more excited about this!!! 4 of us have entered as a team, we will be camping overnight (this is new for me!!) and completing as many laps as we can / want over the 24 hours.

– Maldon Half Marathon (https://www.maldonhalfmarathon.com/) – This is one I was signed up for last year but was unable to run as I was still not fully recovered from my knee injury so both myself and Dan deferred it for this year. I am looking forward to it and hoping we will have some support from family and friends.

– Saltmarsh 75 (http://www.saltmarsh75.co.uk/) – Yes, well I am not sure what to say about this one yet….. 😬

– Water for Life Half Marathon (http://www.purplepatchrunning.com/index.php/water-of-life-10k-half-marathon) – This is a multi terrain half marathon which hopefully a lot of us from running club will be going to as a group outing 😁

Although I have not signed up to any of the following, they are on my radar for possible events to do and may well interest some of you for this year.
– May Day 5 (https://www.withamrc.org.uk/races/may-day-5/)
– Burnham 10k (http://www.burnhamoncrouch10km.com/)
– Mersea Round the Island (http://www.merseaislandraces.co.uk/2017-round-the-island-race/)
– Tiptree 10 (https://www.tiptreeroadrunners.com/club-races/tiptree-10/)

Please feel free to suggest any races that may be of interest! I really want to add an obstacle race to my to do list, I think it would be a great laugh to have a couple of us do something like this together. I also quite fancy getting about to do some different park runs so I may look at trying to change that up a bit at the weekends.

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