It’s been really quite strange not running this weekend and I can’t say I’ve liked it, but I kept myself busy which has helped. I was disappointed to miss out on the Harwich relays on Saturday but I know it was the right thing to do. I did go to my local parkrun to offer support for those running which I enjoyed doing and it gave me a chance to get my bike ready for a Sunday morning ride. Myself and Alia decided to get on our bikes and meet with Jo, Tina, Chris and Joanne for their long Sunday run, which was great as it stopped me thinking about going for a run and I felt a lot better for getting out there and actually doing some exercise. I’d started to feel sluggish after having a week off so was pleased to get started again and I’m hoping it will kick start me back into an exercise routine for next week.

I was actually feeling nervous about the cycle, not only because I’m rubbish on a bike, but I had to get it out my car and the wheel back on before I could even get started 😂 After meeting Alia we headed towards our meet with the runners who were planning on doing around 10 miles. 2 miles in and I thought I’d made a terrible mistake and I was never going to be able to keep up with Alia or make it to meet the others let alone cycle round with them too! Thankfully Alia gave me some tips and I started to get the hang of it, plus we got to have a breather whilst we waited for the others. I seemed to get into the swing of it and had some helpful advice from everyone regarding how to use my gears (I don’t know why I find that so confusing 😂). I also found it more comfortable once I’d popped my seat up a little higher. As long as I remembered not to tip toe on my right side the Achilles felt fine so that was good, not gonna lie my backside was a little sore 😳 and my legs have needed a good stretch! We completed 17.61 miles on the bikes in total and I must say I’m quite proud of myself for that! Obviously I’m hoping to be back out running again as soon as possible but I’d definitely be happy to get back out on the bike as additional cross training.

I would like to say I will be back at club on Tuesday, but realistically I don’t think I will be running until Thursday, and even then I will be taking it easy ready for the Orion 15 on Saturday. I will discuss with Tina at my sports massage on Monday and make a decision about when to run again. I’m thinking I’ll get back out on my bike again (I’ll try 😬) and do a bit of extra core and arm strengthening. I have spent some time over the weekend putting a food plan together (no, not on a spreadsheet 🙄) so if I can stick to that it will get me ready for Saturday.


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