Brighton – 3ish weeks to go

Well that’s come round quickly. How can there only be 3 weeks to go?! I don’t feel prepared in the slightest. Physically I am unable to run at the moment due to the Achilles niggle, mentally this has made me battle with myself about whether I can do this. My previous marathon experience probably hasn’t helped and I am worried about injury, especially now with this heel, it’s got into my head and I’m starting to doubt myself. Maybe I am just not built for running long distances! I’ve completely lost my motivation this week, I’ve not been swimming or to the gym like I should have, and although I’ve not gone crazy with my food I’ve not exactly been good with it either. I need to pick myself back up and get on with it over the weekend. No I can’t run, but I can get on my bike or to the pool and keep my legs moving. I can get myself some compression socks and continue to stretch, roll and ice. I will do some batch cooking and sort my diet out, and I can get myself recovered and prepared for the Orion 15 next weekend. So that’s the plan, stop sulking and get on with it!

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