Rachet’s rundown

Grizzly is only a few days away now and I am equally as nervous as I am excited, the weekend away is going to be great but the event is going to be seriously tough! I’m trying not to worry about it too much, the main aim here is to enjoy it! Time to start thinking about packing, I say think about it but I’ve actually already spent some time thinking, talking about it and creating a spreadsheet. Everything’s laid out ready to be packed and there seems to be a lot there… I am sure I have everything I need but being the double and triple checker that I am, it’s good to have the spreadsheet so I can tick off what I have without worrying I have forgotten anything. I’ve spent the week concentrating on recovery, not only from the Hockley Woods challenge, but I am sure my body still aches from the speed session a week on!! I’ve been sure to do my stretching every day. I have a little routine I tend to follow each morning which includes core, arms and hip strengthening, numerous stretching and occasional use of the foam roller. After consuming any food item in sight on Monday, which I am putting down to runger from Sundays long run, I’ve been sensible with food and stuck to what I know works for me. I would say I’ve been carb loading but if I am honest I don’t think there’s ever a time when I’m not carb loading! I had a bit of a mixed evening at training last night, having got a prize for being one of the first members to wear the new club vest at a race (mini eggs easter egg nom nom nom!). I also got runner of the month for February which feels great and gives me a boost and keeps me motivated, but on the downside I came home with a niggle in my ankle. I don’t know where this has stemmed from but it concerns me for the weekend ahead. Lots of stretching planned for the next few days along with bio-freeze and rest – fingers crossed it eases off and is fine for Sunday.


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