Rachet’s rundown

This week I’ve really concentrated on improving my diet, having been away at the beginning of the week it wasn’t an ideal start, however for the first time in the history of the world I used that sticky tab thing on a sharing bag of m&ms šŸ˜³. We had an afternoon tea which ok isn’t great but it’s also not horrendous – sandwiches and a bit of cake (you can read about this on http://www.rachsafternoonpartea.wordpress.com). Tuesday I started to really think about what I was eating and made a conscious effort to fuel my body accordingly. Breakfast consists of either egg with pitta bread (morning after a run) or fruit, natural yoghurt, handful of cheerios and a sprinkle of chia/flax seeds. Lunch will be either the fruit and yoghurt if I’ve not had that for breakfast or carb heavy (pasta, rice, sweet potato) on a run day. Dinner varies but I try to ensure there’s high protein & includes veggies, on a run day it’ll be a bagel with peanut butter or marmite and a recovery hot chocolate when I’m home. Snacks are mixed nuts, oatcakes with celery or an apple and malt loaf. Problem is it all goes to pot at the weekend šŸ˜¬ Tuesday was another uncomfortable run with my stomach ache lasting until I went to bed, I think this is due to the weekend of foods & drinks šŸ˜ This motivated me to smarten up my diet for the rest of the week and I hope to continue over the weekend, I didn’t get any tummy issues at last nights training so it’s pretty obvious to me that diet has a huge impact on this. Not gonna lie, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus this morning as that was one tough speed session and I could quite easily eat the contents of my kitchen cupboards but once I’ve done some stretching and eaten my eggs I’m sure I’ll be raring to go šŸ¤”


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