Swimming / cycling / strengthening

This week has begun with a lovely couple of nights away, nice and relaxing with a few visits to the swimming pool planned. I was hoping to say it’s kick started a regular swim now I’m home, which is something I’ve been wanting to do (as per the plan 😏), but in reality I spent some time in the jacuzzi and read a magazine whilst sat round the edge of the pool. I’m not saying this is a bad thing as its important to have rest days and relax but I’ve discovered this isn’t something I find at all easy. I get bored! We got in the jacuzzi, five minutes later I’m ready to get out so we sit by the pool and I think about going for a swim, but there’s a lot of people doing lengths so I just read an article in a magazine instead. I get cold so I put my jumper on and can no longer be bothered to get in the pool, maybe later. Back to the room, I try and nap – can’t sleep so read more of my magazine, it’s not a running magazine so I get bored. We go for a walk, nice stretch of the legs along the seafront then the wind picks up and the rain pours down 😂 – see photo below! If anyone has any tips on relaxing, chilling out and not having to be on the move all the time I’d like to hear them and I’m sure my friends and family would be grateful! Perhaps next week I’ll get a swim in before work one day (I say this all the time, it’s not likely to happen) or maybe swimming just isn’t for me and I should continue with my strengthening exercises to compliment my running. It seems to be working, I think it’s making me a stronger runner and am hoping it’s reducing my injury risk. A great addition to running would be cycling, I’ve given this a go in the past but really lack confidence on the road which means I can’t get far. I hope to give it another go in the summer months and would like to say I’ll go to the gym to get on the exercise bike but this is only something I do occasionally due to lack of time.


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