This weeks fails

A few fails to report this week, starting off with the treadmill which you’ll have read about in my previous post and the next is nutrition. I’m actually really frustrated with myself about this as I know what I should be doing, I’m just not doing it! Stomach problems began after Tuesday’s run which in fairness was not related to my food. However Saturday’s parkrun was fuelled by a double portion of chilli and a few too many drinks the night before 🙈 I was up in the night unwell so hadn’t got much sleep and by the time I arrived at the parkrun I felt like 💩. It was a nice trot round with Jo and the fresh air did me good, but to make matters worse I had a greasy pizza from Pizza Hut that evening which did not make a good start for today’s 16 miler. I struggled to eat breakfast which probably didn’t help but it was uncomfortable for a lot of today’s run. I had my flapjack square about 9 miles in which I had to force down and it felt like I was chewing for about an hour, but just 10minutes after this my tummy seemed to improve. Could be a coincidence but it’s something I’ll keep an eye on, I also had a square of mars bar later in the run which again I struggled to eat but there was no surprise loo stops so that’s a success. With the help of Tina, Jo and Zoe I made 16 miles, there’s no way I’d have done that without them so I’m just really grateful we are able to do our long runs together.

Looking forward to this week I’m really going to work on my food (I mean it this time 😉) and start eating what I know I should be. I’ve already learnt not to have a big meal before a run so a bagel with peanut butter at least an hour / hour & a half before running is a good start. I’ll continue with my recovery hot chocolate drink as that seems to work for me and basically cut out the crap. No greasy foods, less (but still some) cake, crisps and eat more homemade real meals. I’m quite happy to have just a couple of archers of a weekend evening but need to be mindful that too many more than this when having a weekend of running is just not doing me any favours. 2 litres of fluids a day is achievable and I need to make sure I keep on at this. As I’m enjoying a couple of relaxing days away I’m going to make the most of the pool and actually do a swim, although this has been on the plan, I’m yet to make it 😬 I tend to do my strengthening exercises in the morning instead but would be great if I can get into a routine of a swim once a week.

“Shall we play I spy?” 😂

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