Treadmills suck

Storm Doris put a stop to running club (and pub) tonight which was a real bummer, luckily I was helping to bath my nephew when I got the news so it softened the blow 😊. I considered going for a run on my own but the winds were pretty bad so I thought it was safer to just go to the gym and do an hour on the treadmill. Having not been to the gym for ages and not yet making it for a swim as per my plan 😬 it would actually be nice to use the membership I’ve been paying for anyway. I felt quite positive as I had my tunes playing and start the first 5 minutes at a steady walk, I set the incline to 1 (I’ve heard this helps to replicate running outside) and begin running. After what feels like 50 minutes into the run I look down to see I’ve only been running for 5, how is that even possible! I’m sweating up and it’s time to take another layer off, note to self – always, ALWAYS pause the treadmill before attempting to take off a jumper 🙄. I really think the treadmill is more of a mental challenge than anything else, I forgot just how boring it was!! The treadmill beat me, I didn’t last the hour I’d had enough and just couldn’t keep pounding along on there – so dull 😴. Getting out in the fresh air, enjoying the scenery and other people are what makes me enjoy running and you just don’t get that from a treadmill workout. I guess this is a good alternative when training for an event if you are unable to get outside for a run.

Easier to maintain pace
Somewhere to put jumpers & drink
Able to listen to music
Not effected by weather conditions

Hot & sweaty
Boring with nothing to look at
No fresh air
No friends to chat to
Not a natural running motion
No pub on the way home

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