Weekend of Running

Friday, whilst enjoying afternoon tea (improving my nutrition is not going well 😬), I received a map of the route for Brighton 😳 Yes, it scares me and I feel quite nervous but it also spurred me on ready for a weekend of running. Saturday morning was an early start for a 14 mile training run, I’m very lucky that I have a few friends who are also doing a marathon this year to run with. I couldn’t imagine getting my backside out for a long run without them & I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed it had they not been there. I say enjoy, it was tough but I had great company with some laughs along the way and we can tick 14 miles off the training plan βœ”οΈ. Although I didn’t feel like eating whilst running I did manage a couple of flapjack bites which seemed to go down ok, there was no rushing behind a tree required so I take that as a win and I’ll continue with these for the next long run. I did take on water along the way but unfortunately I had to retire to bed at 9 with a splitting headache which I am putting down to dehydration – I MUST drink more fluids. I appear to drink more when I have squash so although I know this isn’t as good for me as water I think when it comes to keeping hydrated I need to go with it.

Not such an early start this morning but it was the last in a series of cross country runs, I have really enjoyed these this year which is quite surprising as I used to hate it at school. In the last 2 races I’ve placed 36, I was keen to try and place higher than this but wasn’t hopeful as I was feeling generally tired and not really up for it on arrival. My legs felt heavy within the first half mile, but when we approached a nice sized hill I powered up it which gave me a boost, until around mile 3 it dawned on me that we had to do this hill again. I realised I’d made a mistake using up so much energy early on. There was some nice ditches to go through which put a smile on my face & mud on my feet and I finished the 5ish miles placed at 38 – I’m happy with that 😊.

Lessons learnt this week, firstly drink more water/fluids especially on run days, try eat less cake to allow room for proper meals & it turns out I can tolerate skimmed milk πŸ‘πŸΌ In fact hot chocolate made with skimmed milk and real dark chocolate goes down well as a recovery drink.


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