Night trail!

My first night trail, in fact it’s only my 3rd trail and to be honest I find following directions hard enough in the daylight and with a satnav 😂 so this should be fun!! Myself and Jo were going it alone, neither of us had been in control of the directions before having always gone in a group with at least one person who knows what they were doing – this could be interesting! I did have images of the pair of us still being out there huddled up for warmth at midnight starving hungry and not being a huge fan of the dark it did make me a little nervous but I was really looking forward to it. Both my head torch and phone were fully charged and ready to go. We set off from the Empire Diner just off the A12, there were a few friendly faces as we arrive all looking a little concerned that me and Jo have turned up without a responsible adult! After signing in and collecting our instructions we were off and to be fair I think we did really well, we took our time to read the instructions carefully and navigated our way round the 5.5 mile course without too many incidents, just the 1 confusion between us “it says AROUND the concrete square!” (Yes Jo, you were right). Running across the field felt like we had weights round our ankles as the mud became sticky (good for the legs I am sure), but we stopped for some great selfie taking as demonstrated below. To top it off we got a £2 voucher to spend in the diner once we had finished (which was a relief as I hadn’t bought snacks and I wasn’t sure how Jo would take it had we not got a reward for our efforts!) so a hot chocolate with marshmallows for myself and a banana milkshake for Jo finished off a really enjoyable evening.

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