The big one – London

So as you have read from the About me section of this blog, I scarily got in to run the London Marathon.  As it turned out a couple of colleagues were also running it this year which was a huge help with training and motivation; I put a plan together, I stopped drinking alcohol (won’t be doing that again) and I started running regularly. My first long training run I did alone, it was 12 miles in total but after hitting 10 miles I was fed up and started to struggle, I remember making it home and not knowing what I was going to do to get through this next 4 months – I felt emotional and there was a long way to go. I decided I needed to take advantage of the fact other people I knew were also running this year or were regular runners anyway and I planned to do my long runs with them – this was a godsend and I have no idea how I would have got through those long runs without them, it made it enjoyable and motivated me to keep at it. Throughout the process I signed up to a couple of ½ marathons including Great Bentley (my current PB) and the Silverstone half along with a 20 mile road race (Essex 20), at each of these runs my confidence grew and my enjoyment for running increased. There was 2 weeks to go and disaster struck, I got a pain in my knee – I couldn’t run it off, it was getting worse on each stride I had to stop and walk back to the office with tears in my eyes and almost at breaking point. By now I had raised money for 2 charity’s that meant a lot to me and there was no option of not completing the Marathon – that wasn’t even on my radar. The best thing I could do was rest for the remaining 2 weeks, I had done all the training up to this point and there was nothing more I could do but put my feet up and hope for a recovery in this time. My journey up to the Marathon was great, I managed to get a seat on a bus from a local running club and although I didn’t really know anyone else on the bus it was a great atmosphere and everyone was friendly –not that I did much talking as I couldn’t have been more nervous about the day ahead constantly worrying about any possible scenario that could go wrong. I met with my friend before the start and we went off together, I was excited and up for this – feeling confident the 2 weeks rest had fixed the issue with my knee, there was a buzz in the air and everyone around me were all as raring to go as I was. Within the first mile I knew my knee wasn’t going to hold up but I kept up a good pace until around mile 8 and then slowed until around the half way point and from then onwards I’m not sure what you would call the hop skip motion I had adopted. I saw friends and family along the way, seeing faces you know when you are feeling the way I was on that day was everything – the crowd and other runners kept me going and I somehow made it to the end. I should have thought “never again”, but all I could think was that I hadn’t run a marathon but I know I could and therefore I need to do this again. Not being able to run (or walk at times) for a couple of months after this is what made me realise how much I need running in my life, I started to build my running up again slowly and joined a running club which I am enjoying every minute of.

24th April 2016

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